There are many Facts that most people don’t know about the airmax. here are some of them.

A Late 1980s Favourite

The oldest version of the basket air max was released way back in 1987. Upon its release, this sneaker became a household name over night; earning millions and millions of following all over the world. Over the years, the air max never lost its appeal even to new generations of sneakerheads.

The Sole Cushion is the Attraction

If you think the overall design of the air max is what draws people to the basket air max, then you are wrong. The air max has another feature which is not present in its competition; this is the comfortable sole cushion. Over the years, the design team of the air max has significantly improved the sole cushion of its line; offering a new design specifically made for people who are into sports and those that wear the air max for fashionable purposes. Try one for yourself to know how comfortable the soles of these shoes are.

Both Designed for Utility and Fashion

Over the years, there was a clamour for the air max design to cater to both people who are into sports and fashion. Today, there are now wide varied selection of basket air max catering to people who are into sports and fashion. The variation of the air max goes into the sole, colour design, general aesthetic, and the overall look of the air max. There is always an air max design suited for the different needs of a sneakerhead.