An iconic sneaker like the basket air max won’t be such a classic sneakers with the features that people so love. Millions of sneakerheads all over the world loves the features of the air max that the air max design team has modified it over the years to satisfy the demand of its loyal fan base. Statistics show that what the air max fans love about this iconic sneakers are the following.

The Comfort Sole

If there is one thing that the basket air max is known for then it would be the comfort sole. The air max is designed to upgrade the comfort level of the user so that regardless of whether the user is running or walking, the user feels comfortable wearing air max.

The Attractive Colour Scheme

Another best feature that the basket air max has is the attractive colour scheme used by the design team to make this sneaker stand out. From the combination of dark blue and mint green to combination of light orange and canary yellow, the colour scheme for the air max always works. Another feature that people loves about the basket air max is that these colours always make the user stand out from the crowd. Check out the selection now and see for yourself how perfect the colour combinations of the air max are.

The Classic Large Heel Look

It is only the air max sneakers that have that classic large heel look that has a cushion feel into it. Over the years, the air max design team has modified the classic large heel and sole look to make it for fashionable and to satisfy its fan base. What most people don’t know about the classic heel look of the air max is that it specifically designed to improve the comfort of its users and not just limited to the fashion aspect of the sneakers.  Know more about the best features of the air max by owning a pair for yourself.